The eradication of violence against women and girls in Spain 21 Janeiro | 11h


No próximo dia 21 de Janeiro o ciclo de seminários do grupo de investigação LIFE conta com a presença de Blanca Hernández Oliver, proveniente da Universidade Carlos III de Madrid e doutoranda-visitante no ICS-ULisboa, que irá apresentar o seu trabalho “The eradication of violence against women and girls in Spain: data, legal framework & public policies and challenges for the future, special attention to youth”. A entrada é livre.


Along the last forty years, since the 78 Constitution was approved, Spain has improved enormously in the eradication of violence against women. Our country is an international reference due to its commitment, legal framework, data collection and institutions & public resources involved in combating gender based violence. Now seen as a real «State issue», after the parliamentary approval of the State Agreement on this matter (on the 28th of September 2017) there are important challenges for the future as figures are still alarming: violence against young women, TIC, other forms of violence against women, vulnerable groups, children, trafficking, sexual violence, globalization… Reaching legal equality between men and women does not mean that real inequality does not exist any more. Too often, discrimination of women ends up attacking their basic human rights, such as physical and psychological integrity or life.

Blanca Hernández Oliver is the Spanish Government Delegate for Gender-Violence. The Government Office for Gender-based Violence is the body attached to the Vice Presidency of the Government, which is in charge of drawing up the public policies to be developed by the Government for eradicating the different kinds of violence against women, as well as coordinating and pushing forward all actions taken in this area in Spain and assuming the chair of the Social State Observatory on Violence against Women. She is also Director of Studies, Analysis and Publications in the Spanish Parliament and Editorial Director of the Parliamentary Academic Journal ( Between September 2009 and December 2011, she was a professor in the of Public Law of the Carlos III University of Madrid (“Justice and Constitutional Interpretation”, “Constitutional Organization of the State”, “Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights”, “Constitution and Sources of the legal System”). She was also a parliamentary lawyer assigned in the following parliamentary committees: law and parliamentary advising in legislative and control initiatives as well as in international and European issues (March 2004-December 2008).

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