Professionalization of the female footballers’ careers. The life course perspective | 26 janeiro | 11h | Sala 2

No dia 26 de janeiro, pelas 11h, o LIFE Seminars contará com a participação de Radosław Kossakowski, Professor no Departamento de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Gdansk (Polónia).

The session will focus on qualitative research on female football players in Poland: perspectives on female football players’ careers will be presented, using the conceptual framework of the life course perspective and data from individual in-depth interviews. The specific dimensions that influence female footballers’ careers will be highlighted in this context. These dimensions are individual, social, cultural and structural. The former will concern narratives about the lives of female footballers, their personal experiences of being a footballer, and testimonies about their path and passion for the sport. The second will deal with the relationships and interactions that operate within the field of women’s football, as well as in the family environment of the subjects. In this context, the role conflicts faced by the respondents will be identified. The cultural dimension will be concerned with the values and norms that influence the development of women’s football in Poland.

In this context, the stereotypes and prejudices that the interviewed female footballers have to confront during their careers will be presented. On the other hand, the structural dimension refers to the situation of women’s football in the broader context of the football field in Poland: in terms of financial resources, infrastructure development and media coverage.

The analysis of the above dimensions will provide an opportunity to show what the typical trajectory of a professional women’s football career in Poland looks like and will give rise to a discussion on the future of women’s football.


Radosław Kossakowski, Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Gdańsk. His research fields are the sociology of sport, football studies, qualitative research and masculinities studies. His articles have been published in many well-recognized journals: Sport in SocietySociology of Sport JournalInternational Review for the Sociology of SportEast European Politics and SocietiesRevista de Psicología del DeporteSoccer & SocietyProblems of Post-Communism. His books have been published by the best publishing house: Routledge, Manchester University Press, and Palgrave.


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